Be Basic as You Like on Route 96

The I’ve been wanting to tell you about this place for a whole year, but I didn’t have the photos to back up my story. I know how y’all like pretty pictures. I also know it’s the end of summer and ice cream is likely a bit lower on your priority list than if, say, this post had gone up two months ago, but let me tell you one thing: homemade pumpkin soft serve. Yeah. So do not ignore this post, is what I’m saying.

Route 96 Owego Soft Serve is basically the ice cream stand of your dreams, and will delight the child in you even if you have no children. First of all, how cute is this place?

In addition to delicious, house made pumpkin and cheesecake soft serve ice creams, they carry the full line of Perry’s hard ice creams, and hand-dipped cones. 

And you can eat them in front of a miniature Texaco station

OR a tiny lighthouse

OR this completely normal house boat thoughtfully docked on the lawn for your ice cream eating pleasure.

I told you this place was a kick! There is a tiny clown car to pose in:

As one does! Seriously, how cute does Melinda look in this itty bitty car thingy?

And even one of these (for you kids, this is a phone booth; it’s what people made calls from when they were out and about before cell phones existed)

This place is not only a playground for your inner child, it also serves slamming ice cream, and even though summer is nearly over, pumpkin season is just beginning, so scoot on over to Owego and get your chocolate dipped, sprinkled cone of sweet and savory spiced deliciousness today!

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