A Saratogan Refresh

I'm currently on my 11th consecutive day of travel, so I don't really have a real blog post in me this week. Can I just share some pictures and captions from my latest weekend in Sartoga Springs with you, and call it good? Thanks.

We stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott in town, which had big rooms and was very clean. Almost everybody there was super nice, except the guy who kicked us out of the lobby restaurant at 9:30 p.m. because we were taking up tables with a birthday celebration. Tables he said he needed. Guess what? There was no line out the door for a table at the restaurant in the lobby at the Couryard. Marriott fail.

Dinner at Max Londons: This tuna tartare was the highlight.

This lobster ricotta pizza...was not. 

The mushroom/egg/truffle version was marginally better, but still nothing to write home about.

At my old favorite, Hattie's, the fried okra was in good form.

The collards were really tough and dried out, however. Luckily, they came with fried chicken, so who cares?

The sweet tea was righteous: sweet but not sugary, and strongly brewed.

I love Saratoga. We discovered a very cool boutique this time called Violets that has adorable dresses, fabulous shoes, and fun accessories. If you visit, I highly recommend it. I'll be returning to the Spa City this June for a concert, so stay tuned for more eats from one of my favorite Capital-area haunts. My personality is big; my hunger is bigger!

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