Much Better than Pills and 90 Proof

There's an old Hank Williams Jr. song that asserts that corn bread and ice tea's taken the place of pills and 90 proof, with the inference that it's a sign he's getting old. Here's the thing: I would much rather eat corn bread and ice tea than pills and 90 proof, and that fact has stood for my entire life!

Ahem. If you, too, fancy corn bread, there's a new joint in town. Muffer's Kitchen, on Glenwood Ave in Bingamton, has been open for a few months now. Its dine-in area is small, which probably means the majority of this comfort food den's business is take out. 

There are two very important things to know about Muffer's. First of all, the cornbread here is legit. It has a more cakey and less crumbly texture than most versions I've tried North of the Mason Dixon line, and the flavor is sweet like fresh summer corn, with less of the cornmeal earthiness and grit you typically find. 

The second thing: 


Now, this isn't the best fried chicken I've ever had. Samantha Buyskes, of Kindred Fare in Geneva, makes my favorite in New York State, and Mrs. Rowe's in Staunton, VA probably makes my favorite in the nation. But for these parts, where the southern delicacy is woefully hard to find, Muffer's is here to save the day. The crust is delicately crisp, but not full-out crunchy, and the dark meat thigh and leg are juicy and well-seasoned.

Sides of macaroni and cheese and collard greens were both good, although the greens were on the more bitter side than savory - a sign to me that they could have been cooked down a wee bit more. The Mac and cheese was made with good, sharp cheddar and the pasta wasn't overcooked, which I liked.

I did notice huge food service cans of baked beans behind the counter, so I would skip that as a side. If I wanted canned baked beans, I'll fish some Bush's out of my pantry. 

The grilled chicken was well-seasoned but very simple. We also tried the sweet potato pie. You actually get two slices with each order! This was far too sweet for my palate, but I very much liked the flaky crust. 

Muffer's likely won't blow your mind, but I'm betting it's a godsend for the folks who live in that neighborhood. I know I'd be ordering up cornbread, chicken and Mac and cheese if I was nearby. I give Muffer's a six on the BHS scale. Give it a try and let me know what you think! And I know what you're thinking: no, I do not want to talk about why I have Hank Williams Jr. lyrics floating around in my head. My personality is big; my hunger is bigger!

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  1. And now I want fried chicken. And I'm already fluffy from holiday overeating!

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