I Eat the Best Things: Pizza

Over the winter, I illuminated the best Mexican food I'd ever eaten. I'm hoping to amend that list this September when Shawn and I go to San Diego for a little getaway. Meantime, let's look at food porn of really good pizza. Ok? Ok!

Frank Pepe's charcoal-blackened crust is the draw in New Haven, CT. Everyone talks about the bacon and clam pizza here, but the simple margarita was our favorite - just fresh, acidic/sweet tomato, mozzarella and basil. In a world of gourmet, artisanal pizza, this is a classic, and classic is delicious. 

Recently, I reviewed Stefano's Pizzeria in Carthage, NY for the Watertown Daily Times. This is what I want when I'm craving pizza for dinner: crust that's chewy and flavorful without being greasy or too crispy, not too much sauce or too much cheese, and really high quality toppings. If Carthage is far from you, the Magro clan has restaurants all over Upstate, so you can get your fix in Ilion, Pulaski, Norwich or Mexico.

The new Citrea, in downtown Binghamton, is using a wood fired oven to innovate with new takes on pizza. Think shrimp and lemon pies and this brunch variety, with sausage, scallions, and a sunny side up egg broken up and spreading its golden richness across the top. It's fantastic, believe me. 

This is another Citrea pie for your viewing pleasure.

On a sunny day wine touring in the Finger Lakes, one must fuel up so as to avoid over consumption of other delights. In Ovid, right next to the Thirsty Owl Winery, The Copper Oven is employing a Proven├žal clay oven to churn out little pizzas with delicate, thin, chewy crusts. This "fun-guy," slice had Creme fraiche for tang, lots of woodsy, earthy, nutty mushrooms, and chives to brighten up all that depth. I want a slice right now.

In Staten Island, find Denino's and order the garbage pie for a taste of decadent pizza like you remember from childhood. With salty pepperoni, canned mushrooms, sweet onions and fennel seed-studded sausage, this thin crust, pleasantly greasy pie is crave-worthy. 

Now, all of this is not to say my heart doesn't still belong to both Art's Jug and Bernardo's, in Watertown. Those are my stalwart pizzas. The ones I order with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms and peppers, could eat everyday and never get sick of them. They taste like parties and family dinners and casually celebratory nights out. But the above pies area good glimpse of excellent up and down our great state (plus New England!) and you can't go wrong with any of them. Grab a slice and dig in! My personality is big; my hunger is bigger! 

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