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I started Weight Watchers again in January, and am finding success with it, as I do. I love that you can really eat anything you want on plan, as long as you watch your portions, work out, and save those points for indulgences.

Shawn just told me that two dishes I've made recently, both under 10 points, were so good they should be in rotation even when we aren't on plan, so I figure that means they're good enough to pass them along! 

The first is from Skinnytaste, which has been one of my favorite healthy recipe source blogs for a couple years. The author, Gina, just put out her first cookbook, and it's the bomb. Every recipe has the complete nutritional stats so you can pop it into whatever app you're using to help manage your diet plan, and on her blog, she also converts every recipe into WW points plus for you.

I made her cheesy jalapeƱo popper baked chicken earlier this week. Shawn and I both loved it, and I suspect I'll be making it about once a week going forward. I took him to Food and Fire for smoke bombs recently, and now I'm afraid we're locked in a popper cycle that will be difficult from which to disengage. Wanna see it? Here it go: http://www.skinnytaste.com/2012/04/cheesy-jalapeno-popper-baked-stuffed.html

These were rich, spicy without making you want to remove your head, and really satisfying for only 9 ppts.

Dinner number two I whipped up tonight. It had a fewer vegetables and more processed foods than I usually like to use in my cooking, but Shawn liked it more than the standard chicken pot pie casserole I've been making for almost 15 years, and at 8 ppts per serving, who am I to argue? It's from the Emily Bites blog, home of such delicious and inventive creations as French dip cupcakes! http://www.emilybites.com/2015/02/bubble-chicken-pot-pie-casserole.html

I found this a little simpler on my palate. For a future go-round, I may dress it up with a few more spices. But look, biscuits = good. And biscuits when you're dieting = YAY!

If you're trying to shed a few pounds before spring gets here - if it ever does (I'm not convinced), these two sites should earn bookmarks on your computer or mobile device. The Skinnytaste recipes tend to be a bit more labor intensive, though healthier, while Emily Bites is geared more towards slimmed down comfort foods. Both are helping me on my journey, and I'm so grateful. I'm 11 lbs down in five weeks, and feeling much better.

I'm heading up to the North Country this weekend to cover a few spots for my Watertown Daily Times column, and while I'm up there, intend to hit Clayton's Taste of the Town. Here are the deets:

Might I see you there? I have it on good authority that Thousand Islands Inn's Chef Gabe will be there, whipping up tacos containing bacon kraut. Sooooo yeah...I'll see you there.

The Colonial, in Binghamton, is finally open, and I promise I will get there as soon as I can and report out, OK? This frigid weather, as usual this time of year, has kind of been sidelining my gallivanting lately. But it can't last forever, right? Please let me be right. My personality is big; my hunger is bigger!

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