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It's getting colder out, people. For most of the folks I know on Facebook, fall weather seems to trigger cravings for pumpkin spice lattes, but I'm not basic. I want soup. And there are no soup nazis around these parts to shoo me away.

What we do have, on Nanticoke Ave in Endicott, which is just about smack dab between my work and my house, is Corbin's Cafe. This breakfast and lunch spot is coming correct with in-house baked breads, house made sausage and desserts, but it's the soups you need to try.

There are two soup specials each day, from corn chowder with shrimp to lobster bisque, and organic split pea to ultimate tomato. You can get a cup for $3.50 (!) or a bowl for $3.95. Honestly, I don't even know how that covers their food costs, but I don't know their life. 

The flavors are simple, home style, and satisfying. There are no chipotles or truffle oil or gourmet nonsense in these bowls, just sweet corn, red bell peppers perking up an earthy, thick pool of green peas, and homemade broths. 

The soups are the star of the show, but you might need a little more sustenance. There, there, BHS understands. Your workdays are long! Don't be scared to sink your teeth into a hearty grilled cheese with bacon and tomato:

Or a smoked turkey sandwich on thick, homemade pumpernickel:

I like that they give you a decent amount of meat, because two lousy slices would get lost between that plump, tender bread. And the bread is good, don't mistake me. But it's soup season, and they have lobster bisque this week! Lobster bisque!!

Corbin's is kind of a retiree haven - definitely an older crowd - but I think things pick up a bit more on the weekends for breakfast. Their breakfast specials are intriguing as well with specialty French toasts, biscuits and gravy, and crepes. If I could manage to both stay in town for a weekend and get dressed before noon on such a rare day, I'd really like to try it.

You won't find cutting edge cuisine at Corbin's, but for a weekday soup and sandwich craving in Western Broome County, this place is it. So check it out! My personality is big; my hunger is bigger!

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