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I had two pretty exciting blog developments today, which is extra thrilling since it's also a Monday and I'm not chained to my desk! I love a holiday Monday!

The package I filmed last week with Newschannel 34 in Binghamton is finally up online and aired tonight on the evening news. You can check the vid out here.

I'm typing this on my iPad and frantically trying to make sure that URL hyperlinks, but if not, just go to bignhamtonhomepage.com and you'll see it.

This was such a cool opportunity, and I hope Newschannel 34 gets a bunch of hits on the story and finds it was worthwhile to film. Special thanks to Jim Ehmke for covering my little corner of the blogosphere, and Las Chicas Tacqueria for buying us lunch and providing a tasty backdrop for the story!

As if a news story about this "local foodie," wasn't gratification enough for today, an Instagram photo of mine also was featured on Immaculate Infatuation, a very cool NYC blog I've followed for some time. Thanks for the shout out, guys!

The photo was of the lobster rolls I enjoyed over the weekend in Staten Island, at our favorite South Fin Grill. They were picture perfect, bursting with cool, buttery lobster, and a perfect start of summer treat.

Check out this cool blog on immaculateinfatuation.com
And by all means, DO make a stop at South Fin Grill for swanky seafood the next time you're on the island called Staten.

It's almost too exciting to be receiving this recognition for my little passion project. Of course, there's a small voice in my head pushing me to leverage the media in some way,  as a catapult to escape the forty hour a week desk job and pursue a food career. But how to do it? I'm not sure. In the meantime, I'm loving life, living my foodie fantasies, and more inspired than ever to share Upstate New York's bounty of really good cuisine with you all. I hope you keep reading, and follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well! For now, I'm yours, bacon! My personality is big, my hunger is bigger!

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