A Second Piece (of Sin City)

In the second portion of our Vegas trip, Melinda and I really settled into the Sin City vibe and did some damage. Some culinary, some alcoholic, and some retail related. And it's allll good, baby.

Our first morning after arrival, we woke up way earlier than Vegas standards due to a bit of jet lag-adjacent restlessness, so we decided to really get it going with a hearty breakfast. I've been wanting to dine at Hash House A-Go-Go since around 2009, and this was my chance. There are three or four Hash Houses in LV, and the closest for us with in The Quad, right on the strip. Not wishing to waste the opportunity for gluttony, I placed my bet on a house mimosa and a farm Benedict comprised of fried chicken, biscuits, eggs, tomato, bacon, spinach, mashed potatoes, griddled mozzarella and chipotle cream. Don't freak out, I only managed to put about a third of this bad bitch down. It was fantastic, with the fresh tomatoes and spinach doing their best to offset all those carbs and the richness of the chicken and the sauce. Weak points: the bacon, which got lost in here, and the mashed potatoes, which were frankly just too much - even for Vegas! But that griddled, salty mozzarella and the scrambled eggs were so lovely and breakfasts, and having fried chicken in the morning such an indulgence - I loved it.

And then, a little sun and relaxation at Atia's divine pool:

Followed by the most fun evening ever, at Britney's Piece of Me show. I'm not kidding - go see her. But as if that wasn't already fun enough, the next day, we made the wise choice to do an honest to God Vegas pool party. And it was good.

This is my speed of "clubbing," for sure: sun, tunes, and ultra luxe service. We didn't lift a finger at that pool, and people watching while grooving to great music and having friendly waitresses sashaying around in bikinis and bringing us vodka-laced lemonades was not a bad way to spend the bulk of the day. Our dinner reservation was at Jose Andreas' China Poblano - a Chinese Mexican fusion joint in the Cosmopolitan that I was really looking forward to. However, after a day of sun and vodka, this meal was sunk before it began. I very much enjoyed the lamb potstickers, which were all interwoven and crispy on thebottom, a result of some pan fried trickery - but they were all I managed in my state. We Cohens are not known for dealing well with heat - and partying hard all day killed ye olde appetite. But Jose, mark my words! I shall return to enjoy your delicious cuisine at a later date.

Next day, we slept in and leisurely packed our things, stowing them with the well organized and kind bell hops at Aria, and moseyed down to the Bellagio and Todd English's Olives for a breathtaking fountain-front view, but pretty standard fare.

The fountain show was completely exhilarating, and the food was not. I've eaten at Olives in New York and loved my meal! but my Greek steak sandwich was a mess! with chunks of rather chewy beef falling out of it all over the place! and very little of the tatziki flavor promised on the menu. Sad face.

Let's forget that uninspiring sandwich, and look at these again, shall we?

And then we did something totally touristy, and really fun: the gondola ride at The Venetian. I highly recommend this bit of fun, complete with serenading Italian gondolier:

Oh, we also had a frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity 3, which WAS just as good as NYC's version. A worthy pit stop on a hot day walking along The Strip (they have a walk-up window). And the final good eat of my Vegas trip was found, again, right in Aria, and I'm sad I don't have a photo. But if you need a late night bite, do make your way to the Five50 pizza place at the rear of the casino floor. It was good, shockingly good, and is the pizza project of the chef at the resort's hoity toity Sage Restaurant. We didn't eat there, but that pizza pretty much saved my life after the Britney show.

We had mixed eats in Vegas. One restaurant that was very hyped online , Simon at Palm Place, was so ordinary and overpriced, I'm not going to waste your time describing it. And then there was the $5 slice at Five50, acting like it was being served in a fabulous NY wine bar with its thin, chewy crust and basil-forward flavor. And that's a bit of what Vegas is overall - a city of surprises. I found it to be less seedy than I expected, but then again, we also saw a bum beating up another bum not 100 ft. from a Louis Vuitton store. I'm not sure I have the words to put it any way other than this: juxtaposition. But we had an utterly wonderful time there, and were more than happy to leave on that red eye Friday, just as all the rowdies were flying into town. That's all I have, folks. My personality is big, my hunger is bigger!Hash House A Go Go on Urbanspoon


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  2. Love your pool party picture! and don't forget we saw a bird killing another bird in addition to the homeless man fight. Best. Vacation. Ever