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First off, a mea culpa: I don't have a full post this week. I was in Watertown last weekend, all weekend, but we we're just kind of running around shoving pageant girls into dresses and convertibles and taking lots of pictures. There was no time for blog eating, which makes me sad. If it makes you sad, too, I'll try to make up for it with a picture of pretty girls:

I'm so proud of them, I'm almost not even mad about the lack of good eats.

I can tell you about a little mini-review Big Hungry Melinda and I executed a couple weeks ago. There's a tiny cafe and bakery on Chenango St. in Binghamton we've been meaning to hit up for months, called Chroma. I don't really get the name, either, though a little paragraph on the back of the menu explains that the cafe intends to define itself with an intensity of flavor and a saturation of cooking. Who cares, right? I just want to know if the food is good.

From what we sampled, the answer is yes. While I was disappointed with the fact that by the time we arrived for our late lunch, the empanadas of the day were all gone, as was the soup, my Cuban panini was tasty and generous for the $5.95 price tag. Melinda also liked her banh mi, pictured above. I've had a lot of Cubans lacking in flavor and with tough roasted pork, but this meat was tender, moist, and porky. I do wish the mustard had been yellow rather than honey, to stay truer to the Cuban tradition, and that the featured cheese had been Swiss rather than jack, but I'm mincing hairs here. That said, if you have had the empanadas, please report out in the comments!

Chroma is a no-frills kind of place - you place your order and pay in a tiny front room, and then eat from paper plates with plastic utensils in what's basically a display window of a neighboring antique shop. And you know what makes up for that lack of ambiance entirely? The baked goods. I had a sandwich cookie - thick, sweet vanilla buttercream smooshed between two deep, dark chocolate cookies - so rich, I thought about calling it Daddy.

Need I say more? My personality is big; my hunger is bigger!

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