Take Two

We just wrapped up a deliciously long holiday weekend, during which I ate a lot - our own slow smoked ribs, Grandma's macaroni salad, carrot slaw, Immaculate Baking's biscuits that I topped with scallions and cheese and used in sandwiches with Trader Joe's bacon ends and pieces, and scrambled eggs, and a wicked braciole at an Italian place in Binghamton I now have to get back to in order to blog - but didn't take pictures or write any notes. It was my holiday too, ya know!

So while I don't have a new review to serve up for you this week, I actually have revisted a bunch of previously blogged places lately, and I thought I would give you updates, in case you have some local trips on your docket for June.

During our recent trip to DC, I insisted Melinda visit Founding Farmers with me, so she could sample their epic cocktails. They were still epic, you'll be glad to know, and we ate enough to leave groaning, happy, delighted, satiated, and slightly fatter.

Goat cheese & tomato jam flatbread

It's no secret by now that I'm a fan of Zona and Co. Grille in Binghamton. I've been back many times since first blogging about this newcomer in January, and it has become one of my favorites, especially as Loft at 99 has had some issues recently.

Restaurant Week buffalo burritto
  Big Hungry Jill and I re-hit the sublime Percy Street BBQ in Philly, and experienced a new appetizer that blew us away: pork belly with cured egg yolk and maple syrup on potato bread. We ate outside at night, so this picture is terrible, but that gorgeous, gelled-but-not-cooked yolk is in the top left of the photo.

Appetizer extravaganza at Percy Street
  You know I love Kampai, in Vestal. It was one of the first places I covered on BHS, way before I figured out that trying a little harder on the photogrpahy would be totally worth it (and before th iPhone entered my life!) and it endures as a favorite. Melinda and I were just in last week, for sparkling Zipang sake and a new sushi roll with jalapeno slices on top, plus the black belt roll, an old favorite.

Maki Mono
 My Kitty Hoynes review was fairly recent, but my parents immeditaly wanted to eat there, and who was I to deny them? This time, I tried the dish Guy Fieri highlighted when Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives visited: Irish meatloaf with a ridiculously good cabbage cream sauce. The chef came out to hang with us, and gave us the gossip on Guy, too. 'Course, I'm not telling:)

Irish meatloaf, stuffed with cheddar and white pudding

In sadder news, I was messing around on Urbanspoon the other day, and found out that Taste of Dahntahn, the breakfast place in downtown Pittsburgh we loved in 2011, has closed. RIP, pancrepes.

Do you have any updates on your favorite dining locales, Big Hungries? Post 'em in the comments, or tell me where I just absolutely HAVE to go eat this summer! I'll be in New Hampshire next week for work, eating at two new spots, then Ithaca Restaurant Week after that. Direct me! Direct me! My personality is big; my hunger is bigger!


  1. I like revisiting, we can see new dishes!

  2. That's so weird - friends of ours went to Pittsburgh last weekend and when I was giving them tips on where to go I almost included Taste of Dahntahn. I didn't know it had closed. Next time you go there, you must try Meat and Potatoes!