Coffeen Shop Blues

I don’t usually use my blog as a solicitation mechanism, but some friends of the family asked for a favor, and here it goes. There’s a magical little enclave on Coffeen St. in Watertown that my parents, Shawn’s Mom, and a lot of friends go to nearly every week day for breakfast served with a side of sass. The place is tiny, probably less than 20 seats, the menu is simple, and the coffee flows freely, along with the conversation and the sarcasm.

I’ve never written about the Coffee Shop before because, well, Beth, the owner, and Sam, the server/cook/sass master extraordinaire told me that if it got any busier in there, I would no longer be welcome. Shelby likes her coffee and breakfast foods served with a hefty dose of wit, so she wisely kept this place off the blog...until now.

But now, a sad day has darkened our door. Beth is selling this Watertown breakfast and lunch institution, this bastion of bacon for more than 40 years, and looking for a buyer lest this homey little diner blink out of existence. She’s staying through until the end of May, and if it doesn’t sell, the Coffee Shop will become extinct.

A potential buyer would inherit a turn-key operation with a built-in customer base. The shop is busy all morning, every week day, and into the lunch hour, and most of the clientele knows one another, making for a congenial, friendly atmosphere each day. The staff is even willing to stay on for a short time while the new owner comes up to speed. The rented space, in a plaza with parking available, seats 19, and comes with a small kitchen, a grill, and fryers with fire suppression behind the counter. I don’t know this for sure, but I bet Beth would even be willing to throw in some of the hilarious, impish, irreverent signs that plaster every inch of wall space. It’s a manageable, small business for someone who’s wanted to get their feet wet in the food business, but might want to mitigate the risk involved with buying a full-scale restaurant. And I've always seen the potential,. when I've been there, for an expansion of this simple business - I could see catering opportunities, a spot for small special events like baby showers, or a fancy coffee house set-up where JCC students could come and study. I think, if you call Beth, you'll find this a very affordable acquisition upon which to build your culinary vision.

If you’d like to carry on the good work Beth and Sam have been doing on Coffeen St., contact them at eyurack@twcny.rr.com