Wild Geese That Fly with the Moon on their Wings

I am such a knucklehead. I published my holiday shopping list for you guys, and completely forgot to include a few of my favorite new discoveries this year, which fit in so well with my foodie gifting aesthetic!

How could I forget Flavour Gallery? I happened upon this badass t-shirt shop earlier this year when reading my James Beard Foundation newsletter, and instantly knew we were a match made in food/fashion heaven. From t-shirts and sweatshirts designed by LA foodtruck bad boy Chef Ludo Lefebvre to Andrew Zimmern, South Beach Food and Wine Festival and James Beard wares, Flavour Gallery's items are irreverent, high quality and completely giftable. I've already purchased the don't touch my foie gras and salt tanks, and would be thrilled with any of their fun tees under the tree.

Also high on my list, and I'm betting, on any food lover you might know, is a membership to the James Beard Foundation itself. A friend membership is an entry-level invitation to the world of fine dining encompassed by this organization, which serves as America's governing body for chefs and restaurants. The membership signs you up for informational newsletters and e-mails, and gives you a gift certificate to an event at the famed James Beard House in NYC. As the presitgious, annual James Beard Awards feature a category for blogs, I can't wait to be a member!

Another pretty fly idea, and in line with my previous post's subscription advice, is McSweeney's Lucky Peach, a quarterly magazine featuring generous content from the likes of Anthony Bourdain and David Chang. WANT.

Last but not least, although perhaps the least imaginative: the cookbook. There are lots of good ones coming out this year. I asked my parents for Kevin Gillespie's, of Top Chef fame:

And for this beauty from Shawn's Mom. I'm hoping it will finally reveal to me the secret of Zahav's amazing vegetable dishes.

So, there you go, Big Hungries. Round two of my 2012 gift guide. I hope it helps you find the precious present that makes your loved one squeal with glee and run around the room showing everyone her new score. I hope he posts a picture of your gift on Facebook with the caption, "X rocks. She gifted me with my true heart's desire." I mean, as a holiday shopper, what more could one ask for?

I'll be back tomorrow (or maybe late tonight; I'm on travel and haven't finished this week's official post yet) with a review of a solid pub in Geneva, NY. Meantime, my hunger is big; my personality is bigger. Happy shopping!

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