A Brief Update from Sackets

You all know how much I love Sackets Harbor. From near-weekly visits to my Aunt Vicky as a child, to fun lunches with Grandma at The Boathouse with my cousins Karen and Jennifer, to leading up marketing efforts for the Chamber of Commerce there when I first graduated from college, this lakeside landmark holds a special place in my heart.

Blogging at The Boathouse earlier this year

I recently found out that Hops Spot - one of my newer favorites on W. Main St., had added a brunch service to their offerings. While I'm not providing a full on review, as I've already done so for this restaurant, I wanted to update you with this recommendation: EAT HERE.

We started with serve-yourself coffee, which is an odd touch for such a small place, except for the fact that it's nice just to grab another cup when you're low. Next up, beer donuts:

These were a little undercooked, as I suspect the dough hadn't been allowed to rise long enough, but there also were completely delicious. The menu didn't stipulate what beer was used in the batter, but I'm guessing it was a dark one. It leant a complex bitterness and smokiness than you can't get at Dunkin Donuts. The maple syrup drizzled on top wasn't bad, either.

My entree was the biscuits and gravy, which you know I'm a sucker for. The biscuits were perfect - fluffy, light, and not overdone. The poached eggs on top were a tad past how I prefer them cooked, but tender nonetheless, and the housemade sausage was bright and earthy, made with cloves and a hint of citrus. The gravy was creamy and packed with sausage and onions. The chunks of onions were a little more prevalent than I'd like, but they leant more lightness to the sauce, which is nice in a dish that can often sit in your stomach like a stone. The fresh parsley on top was the perfect crown to this satisfying breakfast.

Dad had The Hangover. LMAO. He did not have a hangover, mind you, but wanted to try a variety of foods, and this gut-buster seemed the best way. He was less enthusiastic about the cloves in the sausage than I was - he prefers fennel - but absolutely raved about the thick, well-griddled french toast, which was served with real maple syrup. He said his poached eggs were cooked perfectly, and echoed my fandom of the biscuit.

Mom had the bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on Italian toast, and declared it her new favorite breakfast sandwich in all the land. Unfortunately, she also started housing it before I could snap a picture. I tried a bite and loved it, too. The egg wasn't overdone, and the balance of the ingredients was such that the whole enterprise was gooey, flavorful, and rich without being greasy. I overheard the staff discussing using their fantastic bacon cheddar bread heceforth as the vehicle for this sandwich. Trust, you want this.

As we drove into the village towards our destination, we noticed the hoards outside Tin Pan Galley. I've known the owner of Tin Pan, Andy, for years, and I like it there, but have never understood why people will wait there for more than a half hour when there are other great places in town to eat. If you're planning on a Tin Pan Sunday breakfast, and the line's out the door this fall, mosey on down the block and try Hops Spot. Or skip the crownds alltogether and head here first. They even brought us a complimentary basket of delectable, tender, tiny mini-muffins, in cranberry-orange and snickerdoodle flavors, just so we could try them! The blues blasting through the speakers may have been a little louder than our old ears like it, but the staff was beyond friendly, and the food was so good, we talked about it the whole rest of the day.

The Hops Spot has a table open - no waiting!

I'll be back this Wednesday with a recap of my recent trip to Amsterdam. It's a doozy, believe me. Meanwhile, stay tasty, big hungries. My personality is big, my hunger is bigger!

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