Taking a Bite Out of The Big Apple…and More!

Big Hungry Shelby…

Most of the world seems to think of New York as New York City only. For those of us who have spent our lives living upstate, this assumption can bristle. What about Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, and our capital, Albany? We know that New York is made up of the Mohawk Valley, the Central Leatherstocking Region, the Southern Tier, the Thousand Islands and the Finger Lakes…regions that can surpass The City in beauty, activity, and of course, dining options!
Big Hungry Shelby will bring you a viewpoint skewed north of Manhattan. From Goshen to Clayton, Lake George to Avon…there are little villages and larger cities all over New York with delicious treats in store. We’ll take a look at good places to eat in Northern New York, for those days when the gas tank is low and your adventurous spirit is in hiding (uh, and winter), but we’ll also venture out, with ideas for weekend getaways, day-off road trips, or quick jaunts to your favorite upstate landmark.
Check in every Wednesday for a new post. Why Wednesday? Because dreaming about what you will get to eat over the weekend for two whole d ays just makes everything taste better!


I grew up in Watertown, graduating from Watertown High in 1995. I now live in Owego, but travel up north frequently to help my Mom run the Miss Thousand Islands Pageant, and to visit family and friends.

Everyone who knows me is intimately acquainted with my food obsession. There isn’t an activity that gets planned in my life for which I’m not looking to add a dining component. My friends know that bacon is my weakness, with a halo affinity for its sister yummies, pancetta, prosciutto and pork belly. A few have even been known to consult with me on what to order when they go to a new restaurant. And I love to cook and have people over to try a tasty new dish. I should probably also admit that while I love fine dining and upscale food, I am obsessed with Rachael Ray. Working from home, I’m blessed to get to watch her talk show almost every day while I’m on the treadmill, and I think she’s an accessible and positive inspiration for millions of women just trying to get dinner on the table everyday.
I’m a girl who gets around NY. Whether hitting a spa in Ithaca, shopping in Syracuse, going to a local pageant in Ilion, or visiting friends in Rochester, my first demand is, “I get to pick the restaurant!” So, join me. Patronizing local restaurants is so important to strengthening the economy of Upstate New York. Next time you’re traveling, skip the Outback Steakhouse and dine with Big Hungry Shelby! My personality is big; my hunger is bigger!

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