Magro Family of Restaurants, Part 2

Last year, when I covered Stefano’s in Carthage, I promised you there would be more Magros eateries to explore. And so there is….Stefano’s in Pulaski is the Carthage location’s rustic cousin, with a similar menu and a wood-predominant décor. While dining there a couple weeks ago with my parents, we ran into other Watertown natives who like to make the drive down for the laid-back atmosphere, low prices and rockin’ Italian cuisine.

We started with some appys: fried mushrooms and cheesy garlic bread. The garlic bread looked pedestrian and boring, and before my hand snatched out and delivered it to my mouth, I was a little disappointed. Silly me! This snack packs a wallop of strong garlic and cheese flavor, and the bright, salty marinara accompaniment is just as powerful.

Don't judge a bread by it's...ah...cheesy cover

The shrooms were only OK for me. They were nice and crispy, served piping hot, but weren’t high up on the flavor charts. Fortunately, a pretty decent ranch dipping sauce came along for the ride, and that excellent marinara made another appearance as well.

Having enjoyed my Mom’s pizza so much when we visited Stefano’s in Carthage, I was completely primed to get it again, my way. So I ordered a 12” pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, onions and peppers. What came to me was a magnificent pie no less than 17” in diameter, graced with high quality, spicy pepperoni and fresh veggies. The crust was thin, but chewy instead of crunchy, and it was literally kissed by the perfect amount of that fantastic marinara. Two thumbs up.

Come to mama

Dad ordered the BBQ wings, and he wanted me to make sure all the Big Hungries understood that these were sloppy. Sloppy! But that’s not to say they weren’t good – he reported that they were some of the best-cooked wings he had ever had, crispy and non-greasy with a tangy sauce. Another home run for Stefano’s.

Sloppy, NOT gloppy!

Mama Mia ordered the only traditional entrée at our table: stuffed shells. She was pleased, and so was I with these al dente monsters stuffed with ethereal, pillowy ricotta cheese and enrobed in sweet marinara.

You know you want some pillowy ricotta

Stefano’s in Pulaski is a great stop if you’re on your way home from a day in Central NY or you just want to get in the car and drive a little bit. I suppose it’s also a fisherman’s respite, as Pulaski is quite the fishing paradise. Whatever the reason for your Pulaski stop-through, you will find great food, low prices and friendly service at Stefano’s. Our meal was under $50 before tax, and we graded it a 7.5 on the BHS scale. If I lived anywhere where I could order pizza from here, or get take-out on a regular basis, I would be a happy camper. All hail, Magro Family!

Traveling downstate this weekend for the Miss New York Pageant in Staten Island. The snag is, due to a recent medical blip, I’m on a low sodium diet, which in Big Hungry World equals a giant wah-wah noise. I have no idea what I’ll eat all weekend, but I promise to try to bring back the best of Staten Island to share with all of you. My personality is big, my hunger is bigger!

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