Lofty Update

Just wanted to update you guys...I was balancing ye old checkbook and discovered that my waitress at http://loftat99.com/ must have decided she did a really super job waiting our table last Tuesday evening, because in addition to the cash tip Melinda and I left on the table there, she upcharged my credit card an extra $15 after I had signed the receipt. Way to help yourself out there, girlfriend.

I have written to the restuarant's owner about this, but in the meantime, if you decide to try Loft out, you may want to pay in cash. Oh, and I'm downgrading their score on the BHS scale from a 7.5 to a three. We'll see what happens if/when they resolve the error.

Edit 1/24/12: The owner, Becca, at Loft quickly and pleasantly resolved this issue, refunding my card the $15 I was overcharged. Really happy with this resolution, and am upgrading the score to a seven on the BHS scale!

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