Take Me Down to Mexico City

I've Instagrammed and Tweeted a bunch before about this cocktail in Philly I'm kind of obsessed with. In fact, I'm obsessed enough that even though Big Hungry Jill actually lives in a NJ suburb of Philadelphia, we will often go into the city center just for this drink.

On South St., amid seedy shops and a uniquely diverse selection of pedestrians, sits a funky dive bar called Tattooed Mom. They have crazy decoupage decor, tater tots on the menu, and a fabulous cocktail called Mexico City Lunchbox. It is citrusy, bright, refreshing, spicy, and potent. And during our last visit, a couple weeks ago, I procured the recipe. I love you all more'n my luggage, so I'm sharing it.

Mexico City Lunch Box

Equal parts Espolon Tequila, Rhuby liquor, triple sec. Splash each of Rose's lime juice, sour mix, OJ, and hot sauce. A squeeze of lime. Shake with ice and serve in a salted rim glass on the rocks. 

If you like, you can serve it with a beer, drink half the drink, then top it off with the beer and make yourself a little beergaritas to stretch the drink.

The Rhuby liquor is actually a rhubarb spirit made in Pennsylvania. I bought my bottle right down the street from T Moms. Next time you're driving through, grab a bottle.

Enjoy your Mexico City lunch box like Jill and I do! And when you're in Philly next time, stop by this delightful dive. It looks scarier than it is, and we've always had really friendly service there and a good time. I'll be back with another dispatch from Atlantic City later this week, so stay hungry! My personality is big, my hunger is bigger!

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  1. I love Tattoed Mom's! We used to go there often when I was younger. The drink looks refreshing, I've never had one.

    The city center = Center City!

  2. I'm in Philly today, and the liquor is on my shopping list - along with a trip to FedNuts, natch!!!